Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Why Did the Heat Spend $30MM on Mike Miller and his NEGATIVE 3 PER?

As the playoffs continue and LeBron plays 95% of every game, the question really has to be ripping at the souls of knowledgeable Heat fans (there are 17 of you out there who know basketball, right? Hello?).

Miller, signed for 5 years and $30MM, was always a bizarre signing. Your two best guys will play 72 minutes a night (Bron and Wade) so that leaves 24 minutes for both of their backups, combined. Miller cannot guard an off guard, so he is limited to 12 minutes a night, at best.

In important games, LeBron and Wade will get 80-85 minutes. So that leaves 13-18 for both of their backups combined. Again, why are you paying one of these two backups $30MM?

Miller's PER in the playoffs? Negative 3.0. Negative. I will now look up some super sucky player -- oh yeah, Jonny Flynn, 4th worst season ever, his PER: positive 7. I have looked at some of the shittiest players on the shittiest NBA rosters, and I find NO ONE with a negative PER.

So, let's just do a search. Well, hard as it is to believe, there are worse playoff efforts on record: Just not many. And not by guys making $30MM over the next 5 years.

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