Monday, June 27, 2011

Antonin Scalia -- "Sell All of the Violent Video Games You Want!"

Consistent with his belief that a 3 year old should be able to purchase an Uzi and blast away, Scalia (and 6 other judges) ruled today that California (and therefore every other state in the nation) may NOT require an adult to buy certain violent video games.

Scalia compares games in which you can rape Native American women and engage in ethnic cleansing to children's fairy tales where evil people get killed.

The two dissents -- Breyer and Thomas -- an Odd Couple pairing if ever there was one.

Alito and Roberts concur, stating basically that maybe some day we can ban sale of video games to minors if they become so bad we cannot take it (like if they started saying Obama was a nice guy or whatever).

This is a HUGE day for video game stores. HUGE!!! I am confused, however, at why this does not mean kids can buy Playboys.

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