Thursday, June 30, 2011

Baseball -- Cruel Game

My son, PM, has always hit .400 or better in every league he has ever played in.......until this summer. He has played probably half of his team's 16 games, averaging 2 at bats per game, so probably 16 at bats. He has a homer, a bunt hit and an infield single. 3 for 16 -- .188.

So last night he pinch hits with second and third, two outs -- hard line drive single up the middle, two RBI. Now around 4 for 17 -- .235. He told his mother (I was absent) after the game -- "I was so happy, I almost cried right there on the field."

It can be a tough, tough game. But the good thing is, if you could happen to get 2 straight hits, you are now hitting over .300, so I am crossing my fingers.

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