Tuesday, June 07, 2011

I Just Noticed

Since I am not allowed to be anti-gay (not that I ever have been or would be -- my law school support for Bowers v. Hardwick notwithstanding), it really limits the insults I can heap upon men whom I hate and who do dickish things.

I mean, you can call a guy a dick, but how far can you really go with that very limited ammo? Not far. Fag -- nope. Homo -- nope. all outdated and improper.

I mean, even "you suck" is not very effective if it means "you suck eggs" (which is basically the derivation). I mean, "you suck cock" -- well, perfectly legal and acceptable. "Big cock" -- isn't that actually giving the person more sexual credit? I mean, being gay is fine, so sucking big cock, I would say, is actually a compliment. The person is not being insulted -- they have better choices and are more adept at what they do. That is a compliment.

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