Monday, June 27, 2011

If Iowa GOP Polls Are Correct -- The U.S. Is In a Lot of Trouble

2nd choice for President of the United States -- Michele Bachmann
3rd Choice -- Herman Cain


Then we move on -- a candidate who would support civil unions for gay people: 58% would not vote for (do they realize that Michele Bachmann says it is a state decision and conservative (fatty) icon Chris Christie says he fully SUPPORTS civil unions!?!?!? Do they realize Mitt Romney's primary religion (i.e. his religion last I knew it, unless he has changed) has a history of supporting polygamy!?!?

Cutting the defense budget to reduce the deficit -- no can do.
Cutting Medicare to reduce the deficit -- no problem with that.
Return to the gold standard? -- Hell yes!!

So..........are you a social conservative or fiscal conservative??? Oh fiscal! Then you want to......................return to the gold standard?!?!? Anything else? Elimination of electronic credit card payments perhaps -- we just hand out store credit slips?

Oh my effing God. These are the people who are one good "true believer" candidate away winning the White House.

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