Monday, June 13, 2011

John Kasich -- Mavericks Show Integrity -- Oh Come On......

Look, folks in Cleveland, I know LeBron fucked you over and you can be happy that he played poorly and did not win the title, but having the Governor take time out from doing anything about 20% unemployment [or not] to take the time to honor the Mavericks for their "integrity"? Really.

Look through these reports and ask how much "integrity" Jason Kidd has --

Oh, I guess the "integrity" comment would be directed toward DeShawn Stevenson -- oh wait, maybe not:

Well, I suppose Kasich just wants to make sure a team doesn't buy a title by going, say $35MM over the salary cap: oh wait, that is Dallas also ($90MM payroll, second only to Miami (error - should say "The Lakers").

Well, but LeBron exercised his contract right not to play for Cleveland anymore, thus allowing Cleveland to get the ##1 and 4 picks in this year's yeah, he is a bad guy.


Anonymous said...

Ohio's unemployment rate is lower than the U.S. Cleveland is one of the top 5 hottest job markets in the nation. Northeastern Ohioan's issues with JeBron Lames have little to do with the sport and much more to do with the explicit promises blatantly disregarded by one of the region's own. Cleveland sports fans are the most loyal fan base in the nation, how else did Peyton Hillis win the Madden 2012 cover? Where else would Bernie Kosar (another Northeast Ohioan) be treated like royalty without a ring from a Browns Superbowl? Lames had the opportunity leave a legacy and be a legend in the footsteps of Jesse Owens, Bob Feller, Otto Graham, Bernie Kosar and, instead, flipped off his adoring fans in the most public fashion ever seen. It has nothing to do with his contract, his legal rights, his thirst for victory. It has everything to do with loyalty, perseverance, mutual respect and character, all of which Lames lacks. He didn't just make a bad basketball career choice; he made an awful life "Decision." I believe he determined that he doesn't have what it takes to be Jordan, when he settled for the opportunity to be Pippen. The only thing is that he to show that he doesn't have what it takes to Pippen. By the way, when and if his basketball life ceases due to a career ending injury (or retirement after a couple of decades of choking), he's still not welcome in his home move.

HM said...

My comment of 20% was a bit of hyperbole. I guess Ohio is rolling right along, unlike about 46 other states. I guess it makes sense for the Governor to take a day off to rip LeBron James. He has nothing else to do but sit back and enjoy prosperity.

I would have had more respect for Kasich (granted, not much more) had he simply issued a resolution saying "haha, LeBron lost, he sucks" rather than pretend that people like Jason Kidd and DeShawn Stevenson have "integrity."

If the resolution was meant to honor "loyalty, perseverance, mutual respect and character" which of these characteristics is demonstrated by beating women, cheating on your spouse 100 times, and getting 14-15 year old girls drunk enough to have sex with you? I guess maybe "perserverance"?