Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Jon Stewart Regarding Fox News


1) If you run a news story that does not favor Republicans -- liberal bias.

2) If you run a story that does favor Republicans -- needed to eliminate liberal bias.

3) If you criticize #2 -- liberal bias, thus creating the need for more of #2.

It really is a brilliant game.

My mother is among the poor folk who have long been convinced that the Democrats are trying to take everything away from her. Not "her type of people" -- her. That is the most powerful message that the wealthy Republicans convey to people who make and have almost no money -- "Don't let the Democrats take stuff away from YOU. They hate YOU."

Now, the problem with the GOP is that they have now gone SO far to the crazy side that they lose my mother because she always taught her kids to work hard, do well in (public) school and make something of themselves. The tea party agenda is to simply get a bunch of idiots to sit around with misspelled "Whitch Doctor" signs and try to elect folks like 5-schools-in-5-years Sarah Palin. At that point, you start to lose people, even those who have been taught for 75 years that they are being personally targeted and their lives would be way better if it weren't for the fact that Jimmy Carter hates them.

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