Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Kurt Rambis Firing -- A Timberwolves Season Ticket Holder Perspective

I can't work. I can't sit still. I am positively giddy. I feel as if there is actually hope in the world, that a great black cloud has lifted and there is some shred of hope of watching decent basketball at Target Center this year.

Bernie Bickerstaff? OK, he is 1,000. But is it possible or even likely that he can recognize the need to play defense and the need to adjust his offense and defense to his personnel? Yes, it is possible. Was it possible with Rambis? No. So we have gone from hopeless to, say, a 20% chance of OK coaching. In most organizations, that is still pathetic, but as a guy who has watched complete incompetence for 2 years, it is a bright sunny day.

Analogy -- imagine you lived on the street for 2 years and ate out of the trash and drank water from the gutter when it rained. Then one day someone told you they were building a new homeless shelter nearby where you could sleep inside and get 1 free meal a day. Are things awesome for you? Objectively -- no. Subjectively -- God yes.

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K said...

Of course you are happy with Rambis being kicked out the door, understandably. But you cannot be happy with the way that your GM is handling this. Why wasn't this done weeks ago and why isn't the firing "official" yet? Bernie Bickerstaff? At some point your franchise ahs to hire a coach and stick woith him if you want to have anythign clsoe to long-term success.