Thursday, June 02, 2011

Noah's Ark and Donna D'Errico

Guys, Noah's Ark is a bible story, it really did not actually happen. And even if it did, do you think rotten water-soaked wood would still be around 5,000 years later is sufficient shape to recognize on a mountaintop?

Some additional problems:

OK, first: if you are making "nods" to modern, why? It took you three freaking years to build this thing!!! 3 years! Do you think God came to Noah 3 years in advance and said, "hey man, three years from now....." and Noah started building? 3 years! Second, Noah obviously has no steel or modern tools, so how many years did it take him? 20? So.....guy was given 20 years notice of a flood? How nervous do you think he got around year 7 when it rained for like 4 days. "Oh man, I am only 1/3 done, I am screwed...."

Second -- Donna D'Errico, a 40 year old Kendra Wilkinson with (if it is possible) less talent. She is a thin blonde girl who stapled on some monster implants and looks great nude. Well, based upon this 2009 pic, that ladder is falling slowly backward. She may be working out and leaning forward at the ladder as hard as she can to avoid that point of no return where you know the ladder will fall, but make no mistake, it is falling.

When you are 23 and feature a rock hard body with 34D implants, it is cute that you believe in bible stories -- guys want to defile you anyway, so it is cute that you are crazy and overly religious. When the guy has Playboy model Donna bent over a chair in the living room and is banging her relentlessly, he gets a kick out of the fact that she is so religious. Once you turn 40, however, you have enough baggage honey, no need to be crazy and naive as well.

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K said...

Ricky Gervais did a great bit on Noah's Ark when I saw him live. If it is on YouTube, it is worth seeing.