Thursday, June 23, 2011

Sac Kings Trade With Bucks and Bobcats

Chad Ford: Corrected deal: Bucks get Beno, Stephen Jackson, Shaun Livingston & 19. Bobcats get pick 7 & Maggette. Kings get 10 & John Salmons. Twitter

Bucks get 2 good players and a pick that will be worthless.

Bobcats move up to #7 (they should cut Maggette, he is a cancer) and pick someone -- maybe Biyombo? Veseley? I doubt they are skyrocketing up to pick Kawhi Leonard.

Kings only drop 3 spots and get an OK player in John Salmons, so the Kings maybe get the same guy they would have at #7 and get Salmons for nothing.

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