Monday, June 06, 2011

Were LeBron and Wade 100% Correct???

When LeBron went to Miami to become Pippen to Wade's Jordan, everyone fell basically into one of three camps:

1) they will win 75 games and be the most dominant team of all-time (Jeff Van Gundy);

2) they still won't win anything (HM -- I doubted they would win the East, I thought Orlando was the team to beat)

3) they are 100% correct, they need each other to win.

I should add as an overriding category #4 -- "It is pathetic, neither man really should be cowering behind the other." So this category says they each could win 60 separately and takes no position on whether 1, 2, or 3 is correct.

Well, if the playoffs have taught us anything, it is either that I am correct (they still won't win) or that #3 is correct.

The fact is, the two most likely scenarios are that the Heat will either narrowly miss out on the title, or they will barely squeak by and win the title in 6 or 7 games. If they lose, the combined star power will have been insufficient, but if they win............

The whole idea LeBron and Wade had was that it sucked that they could go 27-7-7 with 3 steals + blocks every year and still win jack shit. Their review of the league told them that if they COMBINED their respective talents that they would have enough, ultimately, to beat Boston and win the East and then compete with the Lakers juggernaut out of the West. Listen to their old interviews, that is exactly what both guys say -- we have looked at the league and we have decided that it will take us both (plus Bosh) to win.

They might be 100% right. They beat Boston because of LeBron. They beat Chicago because of LeBron. They are beating Dallas mostly because Wade effing OWNS Dallas. So, when Wade is hurting, LeBron has just enough. When LeBron looks mediocre, Wade has just enough. And Bosh fills in with open jumpers and decent perimeter D here and there.

If these guys win in 6 or 7 games, they will have possibly estimated EXACTLY what was necessary to win a title, to within a hair of what exactly they needed. And if they are 100% correct, then really, how can we blame them for evaluating the league and their own talents so precisely???????

Just a thought.

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