Thursday, June 23, 2011

Why Are There All of These Kurt Rambis Defenders??

if you look on Twitter, you will find dozens of idiots saying, "Why fire Rambis, it isn't his fault?!?!?"

The guy went 32 and 132. That is 100 games below .500 in 2 seasons as a coach. He won only 1 out of 5 games he coached.................almost.

His teams played terrible defense.
His teams NEVER played hard for him.
He NEVER made any adjustments to the lineup to punish people for playing poorly or reward people for playing hard.

He NEVER made any adjustments to take advantage of mismatches.
He NEVER ran plays to take advantage of his players' strengths or hide their weaknesses.

The report I get is that he speaks so quietly that his players had to huddle closely around him during practice to hear anything he said -- when you are a young team, should you have a coach that you cannot hear?

If you are going 32 and 132, don't you lose your mind every once in a while and pick up some technicals? Nope.

Same premise -- don't you shake up the lineup just out of desperation? Nope.

When your #1 player is lying hurt on the floor and you have the ball, don't you get a time out? Nope.

When Andrew Bynum tries to kill your second best player, do you defend your player and go after Bynum or do you defend the Lakers? Well, of course, you defend the Lakers.

Rambis coached the 1999 Lakers for their final 37 games. He had Kobe and Shaq. He went 24 and 13 and the Lakers were swept in 4 games by San Antonio.

Exit Rambis, enter Phil Jackson -- 3 straight NBA titles.

He sucks as a coach. He deserves to be fired.

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