Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Newt Gingrich -- We Will Decide Ad Hoc Which Illegals Stay and Which Go!!!!

This just gets more and more bizarre. He really, honestly, believes that you should separate out who stays and who goes based upon whether they attend church services regularly!!!

Message -- this is a horrible, horrible crime, ruining our country. But ya know what? I don't want churches to lose parishioners. So yeah, we will let those folks stay. How much would you bet that maids for wealthy Republicans would be found to have a lot of social connections? Gosh, CEO Whitman, guess what? Your maid DOES qualify to stay!!!

Another bizarre requirement -- there is an individual mandate to have health insurance!!!!! I thought that such a mandate was a blatantly unconstitutional usurpation of individual rights unknown to anyone familiar with U.S. history?? Oh, you are brown-skinned? You have an ongoing invididual mandate.

The actual policy from Newt:

We need a path to legality, but not citizenship, for some of these individuals who have deep ties to America, including family, church and community ties. We also need a path to swift but dignified repatriation for those who are transient and have no roots in America.

We need a process that can distinguish at the human level.

Congress must charge the Department of Justice to establish a “citizens’ review” process for those here outside the law. It would establish committees to process these cases in individual communities and determine who will continue on this path to legality, and who will be sent home. Congress must define understandable, clear, objective legal standards that will be applied equally during this process. While this process is ongoing, those here outside the law will be granted Temporary Legal Status for a certain, limited period of time until all have had the opportunity to apply and appear in front of committees.

Applicants must first pass a criminal background check, and then the local committees will assess applications based on family and community ties, and ability to support oneself via employment without the assistance of Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and other entitlement programs.

The government will rigorously enforce a requirement that all individuals seeking this path to legality must be able to prove that they can independently pay for private health insurance. If an individual cannot prove this, they will lose the ability to stay in the United States.

Furthermore, proficiency in English within a certain number of years, similar to the requirement for naturalization, will be required for anyone who seeks continued legal status in the United States.

Once an applicant has been granted the right to obtain legal status, he or she will have to pay a penalty of at least $5,000.

Moving forward, those who receive this status will have to prove on a regular basis that they can support themselves without entitlement programs and pay for health insurance or else risk the ability to stay in the United States.

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