Monday, December 12, 2011

$19MM for J.J. Barea? Wow, that is a lot of Pesos for an Interpreter

ESPN's M. Stein says sources are confirming Barea's offer from T-Wolves as 4 years, $19M. No wonder J.J. doesn't mind going from 1st to last

Why, by the by, is this just conformed as an "Offer" -- doesn't Barea HAVE to accept it? The Mavs offered him 1 year and basically nothing.

The background reason -- he speaks Spanish, as does Rubio. There are no qualified interpreters in Minneapolis? I realize that Spanish is such an unusual language that no one speaks or studies, but still......

Most similar player to J.J. Barea -- Robert Pack:
As someone who used to watch Pack torch the Wolves, I like that. As someone who used to watch Robert Pack suck the big one after being acquired by the Wolves -- I like in awful fear (Pack's playoff PER for the Wolves in his one year here -- negative 15.4).

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