Thursday, December 01, 2011

A Brief History of Political Affairs

When I worked in the New York State Assembly in 1985, I would estimate that 50 percent or more of the politicians were cheating on the wives. Some had steady mistresses who they walked around with. Some had girlfriends who would just show up at the right time. Some just banged the most available and willing female interns.

Being a very naive young man, I was astounded that this practice was so rampant and that it was not used to campaign against these guys. I went so far as to ask, "why doesn't the other side bring this up?". Answer - "they let us slide, we let them slide.". Well, in 1988 Gary Hart made the mistake of daring the media to follow him around to see if he was banging anyone. He was - Donna Rice. He was urged to stay in the race. He did not. In 1992 Clinton has Jennifer Flowers, but he stayed in, claimed it was in the past, and won.

The GOP hated Clinton - a hard personal hatred - so they pursued his personal life until they found that he hit on the hideous Paula Jones and got blown by the chubby Monica Lewinski. He was impeached, basically, for being a good deposition witness. I have deposed 50 guys who were way more guilty o perjury than Bill Clinton.

Of course the pursuit Bill Clinton was VERY inconsistent with the unspoken "let it slide" rule that applied 1985 and before. So long as the chick you were doing wasn't stripping in the reflecting pool on the National Mall while u were going at it, no one talked.

Oh, but Clinton changed that forever. When Clinton got hit, w then saw Hyde and Gingrich and Livingston all resigning. And we now have a de facto requirement that the President shouldn't have "bimbo eruption" problems.

Against this background, it it unfathomable for me to hear Herman Cain' attorney saying that his client's sex life is nobody's business.

There was an article written once on how the best recent Presidents were the least faithful ones. Our most faithful President - Jimmy Carter, probably the 2nd worst. Does anyone thing GW Bish was banging anyone? He wa pobably the worst. Be that as it may, the new requirement is "keep it in your pants or we are telling". Herman Cain is failing.

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