Friday, December 09, 2011

If Brandon Roy retires, could the Wolves eventually win the Roy for Foye Trade?

The Wolves traded Brandon Roy for Randy Foye and something like $1,000,000.

Roy was a 3 time all-star and once finished 9th in MVP balloting. Foye, on the other hand, has been kicked around to awful teams and has never really done much. he has been a 5th-8th man on bad teams.

So, the Wolves lost that trade.....or did they?

Foye was traded to Washington, along with Mike Miller, for a ton of shitty players and the draft pick that became Ricky Rubio.

So, Mr. Rubio, it is up to you. 3 all-star appearances and one top 9 MVP balloting and we can say that, for once, the Wolves actually won a trade.

I am not going to bet on such performance, but wishing based upon slim hope is a time-honored tradition for Wolves fans.

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