Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Is DeAndre Jordan Tyson Chandler? Joel Pryzbilla? Sam Dalembert?

Most similar players in the last 10 years to Jordan are these three guys, and Jordan is smack dab in the middle.
The reported offer to Jordan is 5 years $40MM. That is a lot of money.
1) Best Case -- he is young (like Chandler in the year he had the same stats, DeAndre is 22). Therefore, you might expect some improvement with age and work and growing co-ordination.
2) Worst case -- if you look at his career stats, the fact that he gets more minutes does not make him more productive per minute. In fact, he often becomes LESS productive per minute. This indicates that the role he may be best suited for is a 20 minute a game stretch off the bench. He doesn't improve with extra minutes. And his free throw shooting remains horrendous at 46%. Ben Wallace (the worst free throw shooter in NBA history) had years where he hit 47% and 49%, so Jordan (41% in college) may never be someone you can rely upon to make a free throw.
Worth $40MM?? Well, the problem the Clippers have is that Blake Griffin does not try at all on defense. So you cannot play him with anyone other than a huge defensive-oriented center. The Clips may have no choice but to sign Jordan to avoid Griffin giving up 45 a night to opposing power forwards.

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