Thursday, December 15, 2011

More Painful Commentary Re: Wolves Sending Pick to Clippers (and Now Hornets)

Even if the Wolves improve, the pick figures to be a good one in a deep draft --
the Timberwolves have not drafted below seventh since 2005.

Oh my lord. We haven't been better than the 7th worst team in the league for 6 seasons...

2006 -- Brandon Roy (traded to Portland)

Craig Smith

Bobby Jones (traded to Philadelphia)

Loukas Mavrokefalidis

2007 Corey Brewer

Chris Richard

2008 -- O. J. Mayo (traded to Memphis)

Nikola Peković (from Miami via Boston)

Mario Chalmers (traded to Miami)

2009 Ricky Rubio (from Washington)

2009 Jonny Flynn

Ty Lawson

Wayne Ellington (from Boston)

Nick Calathes (from Philadelphia via Miami)

Henk Norel (from Miami)

2010 Wesley Johnson

Lazar Hayward

2011 Derrick Williams

Malcolm Lee

Yet despite this multitude of picks, plus aquiring two overall #2 picks for nothing (Darko and Beasley) the Wolves were the worst team in the year last year.

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