Monday, December 12, 2011

NBA Happenings

1) Wolves outbid everyone by $10MM on Jose Juan Barea: "Honestly, (the decision) was not so difficult...." said Barea.

Barea supposedly had offers from New York - one for $5 million and two, the other for $9 million in three years.

2) Pacers amnestied James Posey and his $7.5 million contract. To this item the proper response is, "I wondered where the hell James Posey was toiling in obscurity."

3) Clippers win amnesty bid for Chauncey Billups -- source tells ESPN that Clippers' winning bid in waiver auction for Chauncey Billups was just over $2 million.

4) Jason Richardson stays with Orlando --
Richardson, 30, said. "There were some other teams out there, but I thought this was the best fit." The Magic also committed four years to Richardson, about 3 years too long.

5) Rip Hamilton buyout was huge -- Hamilton was due to make $19 million guaranteed over the final two years of his contract in Detroit. He was bought out for $11 million

If you are gonna pay the guy $11MM, why not just amnesty him and hope someone else picks him up? Hamilton is expected to sign with the Bulls. Um, old.

6) LeBron's Mom Can still Get Some Nice Dinners because == Delonte West's one-year deal with Dallas Mavericks is said to be for $1.18 million. West said he felt unloved by Boston and, since Akron doesn't have an NBA team, he went to Dallas....

7) Mikhail Prokhorov to run for president of Russia??? What next, Rick Perry named Wolves President of Basketball Operations -- oh wait, I think he might be....

8) Marc Gasol four years and $58MM with Grizzle. Gasol, "I can't wait to get on the court with all my teammates!" He must be married or he would be saying, "I cannot wait to get to one of the Memphis strip clubs that the police have yet to close down, right after I stop by and cash $4,000 of my signing bonus."

9) Clippers retain DeAndre Jordan -- Clippers matched DeAndre Jordan's offer sheet from GState, so they owe him four years and $43.2 million. Better hope he is Tyson Chandler and not Joel Pryzbilla. Eleven million dollars a year for a guy who will never average 13 points a game and who shoots under 50% career from the line.

10) Vince Carter -- Maverick -- a THREE YEAR DEAL!!!!!!!!!! "The deal starts at about $3 million, which was all the Mavericks had to offer under terms of the new collective-bargaining agreement. The final two years are partially guaranteed." Insert own joke here.

11) League apparently told Chauncey to stop bitching about being amnestied and to stop saying he would not report -- The NBA “is reserving all of its rights to take appropriate action against the player for his efforts to undermine the waiver process and the contractual rights of both the waiving team and any claiming team. Please also be advised that the NBA will fully support any team that claims Mr. Billups’ contract in the amnesty/waiver process and that subsequently believes it has grounds for discipline of Mr. Billups for breach of that contract.”

In other words -- we will void your ENTIRE contract if you refuse to show up after getting amnestied. Should we call it WAH-mnestied in light of all of the whining???

12) Anthony Carter signs with Toronto. I had no idea where he went after he left the Vikings

13) Bonzi Wells -- Wolf -- I had no idea that the Wolves had a 35 and over team! Good to see Bonzi alive and........well, alive...

14) Josh Howard was a Wiz last season?? I thought that after all of that time protesting the national anthem and white folks in general that he had gone on to "Occupy" some major city street. Word is he wants to sign with SA or Utah or re-sign with the Wiz. Similarly, I would like to bang either Scarlett Johansson or the 5th woman through the first revolving door I see tomorrow downtown...or just stay with my wife if she has any interest in keeping me at all.

15) Why are the Timberwolves still mentioned in the battle for Jamal Crawford? Reports like this: "a Knicks official met with Jamal Crawford -- the Knicks want him to take a $2.5 million exception." I think the Wolves can outbid the Knicks by $10MM+, just like they did for Barea.

16) From the "WTF" file -- Sam Amick: Source says former UCLA guard and 43rd pick in the draft, Malcolm Lee, has signed a 3-yr guaranteed deal with Minnesota. 3 year guaranteed deal for a second round pick????????

17) The Boston Celtics traded Big Baby Davis for Brandon Bass and THEN also acquired Chris Wilcox in a one-year deal? Are they starting a "Looks like Tarzan and plays like Jane" club??? "Hey, these guys can all dunk, and they look great while doing it 3 times a week."

18) Cleveland Cavaliers guard Baron Davis may have a herniated disk in his back. WHUH!?!?!? a player with Davis's awesome work ethic and lack of injury history with a bad back??? Seems almost unthinkable!!

19) NBA lawsuit was dismissed. Another Minnesota-related item in our list of 19.

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