Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Next Tie Will Be Broken By Al Swearengen

In light of his half-way valid protest of the RKG vote for Jennifer "Anniston", I will make it up to Al by allowing him to break the next tie we have.

And it looks like we may very well have a potential tie brewing in our one remaining Wednesday-closing poll.


RKG said...

Exactly what was the protest???

HM said...

Al claimed that Penelope Cruz should win because you misspelled Aniston as "Anniston." I told Al that I was going by intent of the voter since I had actually spoken with you and knew your intent was to vote for JA.

Today Al stated that Penelope Cruz was harmed by being in what she thought was a valid contest but which was really more akin to a kangaroo court.

Al Swearengen said...

It won't help poor Penelope, but I'll add that Denise Richards should advance over Schiffer.