Thursday, December 29, 2011

Why Are the Celtics Losing?

Paul Pierce is hurt-- similar players to Paul Pierce: Rick Barry
Adrian Dantley
Dominique Wilkins
Bailey Howell
Chet Walker
John Havlicek
Scottie Pippen
Larry Nance
Kevin McHale
Elvin Hayes

The Celts are playing Sasha Pavlovic in his place. Similar players to Sasha Pavlovic:
Bucky Bockhorn
Quinton Ross
Ronald Murray
Jeff Judkins
Mike Evans
Shammond Williams
Jon Sundvold
Marcus Banks
Mike Barr
Greg Minor

Nuf said.


K said...

When you rely on old guys, they get hurt. Your boy, KG, is more like a thug every day. Someone is going to kick his ass some day.

RKG said...

Sasha Pavolvic has never, to my knowledge, stolen a laptop. He is no Marcus Banks!

K said...

Let's not start that again!

HM said...

That is Marcus Williams. Marcus banks is WAY better than Marcus Williams.

K said...

Wasn't he the quarterback for Iowa a couple of years back? :)