Friday, January 20, 2012

David Whitley -- LeBron Not Better Without Wade

Sorry, David, but you miss the point completely. If I built a $30 million mansion, then added a $30 million second house, and my total property value increased to $40 million, a reasonable person would say I didn't do the right thing. Is my property "better" with the second house on it? Sure. Should I burn down the original house or the second house and receive nothing in return? No. But the fact is, the two things together are not as good as the two things apart.

Wade should be carrying a 50-30 club, LeBron should be carrying a 60-20 club. Instead, they are carrying a 62-20 club. That is NOT getting good value.

Watched last night's game. My conclusion -- Mike Brown is not doing a good job with the Lakers, LeBron is about twice the player Kobe is, and the Lakers will implode by March.

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