Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Florida Chamber of Commerce Poll -- Race Dead Even

Florida, in a way, is a perfect state to determine who will win the GOP race. There are far more Rich Wing folk than in SC. The racism is slightly dialed down in certain locales, but dialed way up in others. It is a state where the Poor Wing is heavily represented (drive 45 miles outside of Orlando and try to find a decent home anywhere). You have the wealthy folk going to South Beach and the dirt poor folk going to the rodeo.

If Romney is so hated that he cannot win a fairly moderate southern state like Florida, then he is left with trying to pick off big Democrat states to win the nomination (WA, OR, CA, NY, PA, MI, MD, MA). Sadly, that sort of leaves the GOP where they were in 2008 -- their base resides in the rural states, but their nominee appeals to the GOP in the urban states where they will NEVER win the general election.

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