Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Kevin Love's 4th Year Versus the Greatest Power Forwards

There is a limit on the number of folks you can compare on basketball-reference.com, but here are Love's stats as compared to Duncan, Barkley, Petit, Dirk and Karl Malone:


This demonstrates to me that Love is having a historically great season, and that Charles Barkley was one hell of a player.

Interestingly, limiting the inquiry to seasons since 1976, the player who best matches up with Love's points and rebounds barrage is -- Moses Malone: http://bkref.com/tiny/mWcZY

While Moses was certainly not hovering out by the 3 point line jacking a ton of shots, when you talk about getting 25 & 14 in the modern era, it is really only Moses (3 times) and one year from 28 year old Kareem. Moses had 9 seasons where he averaged above 13 boards a game.

The greatest rebounder since 1976 is probably either Dennis Rodman (7 seasons over 13 a game) or Moses, followed by Kevin Garnett (three seasons of greater than 13 and 2 greater than 12.5). Ben Wallace had 3 years of over 13 a game. Shaq, despite his mammoth frame, only had one season above 13.

Love is on his way to being on the list, but he really needs 4 years of over 12.5 to be considered.

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