Sunday, January 01, 2012

Kobe Bryant -- 6 for 28 With 6 Turnovers -- No One Has Sucked So Bad in a Game in 25 Years

Here is the Kobe effort in a 9 point loss to Denver:

6 for 28, 6 turnovers. 2 rebounds, 4 assists.

1) No one since October 1985 (the date from which has game records in its database) has ever had a game where they went 6 for 28 or worse and had 6 turnovers.
Never. It has never occurred.

2) Over the same period of time, there have only been 5 players who have ever gone 6 of 28 or worse; Allen Iverson did it twice.

Two of those efforts (Darrell Griffith and Allen Iverson on March 27, 2005) were in wins, so that puts their games ahead of Kobe's.
Ewing, Duncan and Antoine Walker all had at least 10 rebounds, so their production was good in some category.

The only other player whose awful game comes close to Kobe's is Allen Iverson's December 21, 2002 game in which he was 6 for 28 and had only 4 rebounds and 2 assists.

Kobe did outscore AI 16 to 13, but Iverson had only 4 turnovers to Kobe's 6. Iverson's 4 turnovers were matched by Walker, by Iverson himself, and almost matched (3) by Duncan. 4 turnovers in a 6 for 28 effort is not unheard of. 6 is.

So, I will call it -- Kobe just had the worst game of any player in the past 25+ years.

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Anonymous said...

Your stats revolve entirely around half the game, the offense. Mark Price could be said to have the worst game ever, since he was primarily responsible for guarding Jordan in his 69 point game.

It could have been a solid defensive game for Kobe, but you aren't accounting for contributions defensively, whether or not it's tangible statistically.