Tuesday, January 31, 2012

NBA Playoff Simulation


A math geek's heaven.

I point out to you something that hits me harder than the thought that the Wolves are likely to make the playoffs.

Note that NO TEAM in the NBA is dumb enough to trade away an unprotected lottery pick........except the Timberwolves. While the Clippers also traded away the Wolves' pick, they did so for a young Chris Paul (a top 5 NBA player). The Wolves gave away the pick for Marko Jaric.

Wolves -- were thrown a lifeline from a passing ship in the middle of the Pacific and said, "No thank you, I will swim for it."

Clippers -- came home to find both Halle Berry and Salma Hayek in their bed and called their friend to come over and hang out.........if the friend paid $10,000,000 first.


Al Swearengen said...

Fine imagery.

RKG said...

"So you are saying there is a chance??" yyyyyyYYYYYYYEESSSSSS!!!!!!