Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Timberwolves Win, Move to 10-11

While the Wolves seem to find .500 an impossible barrier to breach, it still is so nice to not have to watch a Kurt Rambis coached team.

Adelman is a 15 win improvement over Rambis (Adelman is 5 wins above an average coach, Rambis was 10 wins below an average coach). So you would expect the Wolves, just by switching coaches, to go 32-50 (26-40 over a 66 game schedule).

At the Wolves' current pace they are gonna go 31-35. So the extra 5 wins would seem to come from Rubio and the unbelievable added production of Love.

But certainly Rubio and a better Love are worth more than 5 wins, right? So you gotta figure they are worth 10-12 extra wins.

So.......26-40 + 10extra wins = 36-30 or even possibly 38-28??????????

Could the Minnesota Timberwolves, honest to god, contend for the 8th seed in the West?????

Sorry -- I just have had so little hope for so long, I get carried away. It is like being a guy in college where a good looking girl talks to you and you start envisioning her and you on your honeymoon....

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