Thursday, January 26, 2012

Uh Oh -- Looks Like Romney Surging in Florida

Too many rich and old transplants from colder climates.

Newt will have to go much, much harder to lock up and expand his lead in the hard-core racist vote. I suggest at tonight's debate:

1) Newt mentions that Florida and his home state of Georgia were part of the Confederacy while Massachusetts was an extremely solid abolitionist state. Newt, "Do you folks in Florida really want to go back to 1866 when you had to give black people rights??"

2) Newt mentions how Romney used illegal immigrants to do his lawn work while there were perfectly good American black children whom Mitt should have tricked into doing the job for free (ala Tom Sawyer).

Newt, "Does Romney hate children, slavery AND great literature written by a guy who used the N word a lot in Huckleberry Finn?"

3) Newt tears open his shirt to reveal a giant tattoo of the Stars and Bars. While this will no doubt gross out a lot of people, Newt can spin their disgust as hatred for the Confederacy, thus challenging voters to either, "love my flabby southern tattoo or vote for that abolitionist."

4) Newt should identify 5 federal laws that tomorrow he would allow Florida to nullify by a decree by the Governor OR a 45% secret ballot vote of the members of the Florida legislature. While I am sure there are 100 great candidates for nullification, I think you need to include:

a) The Civil Rights Act
b) The Voting Rights Act
c) The Clean Air Act
d) The Clean Water Act
e) Something else dealing specifically with rights of blacks and Hispanics.

While the health care law would be a candidate, that doesn't really stir up the base like these others will.

Newt should carry a picture (or portrait) of John C. Calhoun on stage to demonstrate his true love for states rights and nullification. If Romney cannot immediately identify the man in the picture and his approximate age when the portrait/picture was taken, Newt should shake his head in disgust and start screaming, "Carpetbagger!" either until he is dragged off stage or until the audience joins in the chant.

5) Newt needs to "quote" Tim Tebow as saying that Mormons hate Jesus and that is why Denver lost to New England. Tebow probably did think it at some point in time deep in the back of his mind, plus, is Tebow going to deny it when asked?

Newt, "I mean, Mormons baptize Jews post-death and they believe that The Lord traipsed around Palmyra, NY teaching Christianity to the Indians (Newt should say, "Redskins") and not very well apparently, since it didn't appear to stick for a couple thousand years." Will Tebow really defend this religion by saying he DOESN'T blame them? I doubt it.


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