Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Jeremy Lin -- Most Similar Players? Kevin Johnson, Deron Williams, Phil Ford and Robert Pack

Lin's 27-11 game with 8 turnovers last night has only been done 25 other times.

The guy who did it the most times -- Kevin Johnson KJ had that line 5 times, whereas no other player has done it more than twice.

Lin is currently getting over 8 assists per 36 and over 4 turnovers per 36. That is an extremely unusual pairing. Looking that up for a full season of play, you get 4 guys -- Phil Ford, Deron Williams, Robert Pack and Jason Kidd. I don't think anyone would compare Lin's game to that of the far less offensive-oriented Jason Kidd, so........if I had to rank Lin's similarities:

5th -- Kidd
4th -- Ford
3rd -- Pack
2nd -- Deron Williams
1st -- KJ

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