Saturday, February 11, 2012

Romney Running 3rd in Georgia

Let me be as clear as I can be -- most true southerners, especially the Republicans, cannot stand Mitt Romney. He is a big fake northern liberal who is rich and who looks down upon them.
he is clearly full of shit and his constant lying, er, flip flopping, reminds them of the carpetbaggers of days gone by.

I cannot state that any more clearly.

In short, southerners see the true Mitt Romney. So, what should he do about it? The answer is that there is nothing he can do about it. He should focus his efforts in the states where his rich wine-sipping clones live and simply write off the places where a Mormon with money spilling out of his pockets is not much of an option.

The sad fact of the matter is that while Republicans always lose states like NY, IL, MA, CA, etc., Romney can win those states and get the GOP nomination while telling the Teabaggers, in effect, to shut the fuck up.

The bigger question is when or whether the people in the South who are the true Republican voter base will EVER stand up for themselves and demand that the powers that be not select Romney over their objections.
I doubt it.

The only other situation for a Romney defeat is if the Rich Wing of the party, ala 2008, decides that Santorum is satisfactory enough that they can kick Romney to the curb (as they did for McCain in 2008). For this to occur, Santorum has to win a few more primaries, and he needs to stop talking about birth control and God and start talking about cutting taxes for billionaires. That will get him the money and support he needs.

Why, by the by, do I so hate Mitt Romney? Because he is full of shit. He could actually be a transmorming figure -- a liberal Republican politician unbeholden to the crazy fundmentalist zealots who understands that you must work together to get things accomplished on the economic front. Unlike Bush, he is not stupid. Unlike McCain, he is not a crazed volcano waiting to blow. He could be great. But he chooses not to be. He chooses to be to the right of Rick Santorum (a complete idiot) although he knows everything he is saying makes no sense.

Mitt Romney is the girl who so badly wants to date you that she laughs at all of your jokes, tells everyone how great you are, and generally looks like she will kill herself if you don't pick her. It is embarassing to her, you, and anyone with a sense of pride or respect.

The best thing Romney could be is quit politics and go back to firing people for his own financial benefit.

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