Saturday, February 11, 2012

The Three Suckiest Players Playing Significant Minutes In the NBA -- Metta World Peace, Wesley Johnson and Shawne Williams

Here ya go: bang, sucky

So, who is the absolute worst?

Well, by Win Shares it is Shawne Williams -- negative 0.5, then Wes, then Artest (er Peace).

By Offensive Rating -- Wes he is absolutely horrible. Cannot shoot, cannot handle the ball, awful turnover machine. Wes is 80, Artest (a terrible shooter, but he actually handles the ball well...81), Shawne 86 (!!!!!!!!!!!!)

By defensive rating -- Peace and Wes are tied at 103, Shawne -- 114!!!!!! Do you realize how horrible you need to be to have a 114 defensive rating!?!? Shawne is looking hard at a negative 28 difference between offensive rating and defensive rating. Peace and Wes, on the other hand, are not in the historically awful Pavlovic/Greene/Flynn range for O and D rating difference.

The verdict?

3rd worst -- Metta World Peace, OK defender and doesn't turn the ball over, just historically terrible shooter.

2nd worst -- Wes Johnson -- a complete trainwreck on offense (off guard with an 80 offensive rating, that just does not happen) but OK defensively.

1st worst -- Shawne Williams -- he may challenge the Pantheon of all-time terrible seasons with Donte Greene/Uwe Blab/Jonny Flynn/Sasha Pavlovic


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