Monday, February 13, 2012

Whitney Houston -- RIP

It is disturbing to me, as someone with coronary artery issues, to see someone 6 months older than I am die. Not quite as disturbing as Tim Russert's death, however (short chunky guy from Buffalo who basically ate too much good food dies as a result -- oh lord).

In any event, Whitney Houston has been a drug addict for.......what? 15 years? 20 years? As I have repeatedly said, after watching her reality show, if I had to leave my 3 kids with her or Bobby Brown for a day, I would choose Bobby every day and twice on Sunday. At least Brown was a functioning addict with SOME cognizance of the real world and SOME seeming understanding of basic concepts of right and wrong. Whitney seemed to float through life in a drug-induced stupor. If you left your kids with her, she would simply not know where they were when you came back.

Is it sad when someone with great talent dies? Sure. But she last had great talent in.......what? 1993? (I looked, it looks like 1999, so I guess she coped with her problems until about 1999).

When Whitney v2.0 (Mariah Carey) has been washed up and back and washed up and back so many times, why focus on Whitney, who went away and never really came back?

Drugs and alcohol destroy lives. That is the lesson to take from Whitney Houston's death. While we should mourn the greatness that was, we should be fair and assess the truth of the past 11+ years - she is dead because she took too many drugs and ruined what was on the way to be an awesome career and a great life. She did it to herself.


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