Thursday, February 02, 2012

Wisconsin Women Force Man to Drink Urine, Use Pliers On his Junk

5 great things about the story:

1) Women "forced" him to strip -- by saying one would have sex with him....."forced"?

2) They handed him lemonade and forced him to drink it despite the fact that it was urine. He, nevertheless, believed them when they told him one would have sex with him.

3) While suffering incredible 10 out of 10 pain due to the pliers, he nevertheless was menaced into submission because.....a 17 year old girl was holding a belt.

4) The prosecutor charges the women with criminal destruction of property -- because they ripped the guy's shirt.

5) When the guy, roughly a month later, decides to call the police, he is told not to do so because they will tell the police he was smoking marijuana. His reply, "No, YOU were!"


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