Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Ozzie -- 5 Game Suspension


Noted Ozzie in his apology:

-- "Fuck, 5 games? I can do that standing on my head. Boy Marlins management are a bunch of pussies."

-- "Cuban exiles? Shit if they were any good at anything, Castro would have kept them around."

-- "I guess I have to say I am sorry. I am not sure for what, but these are the words they told me to read."

-- "I am sorry that I won't get some miniscule portion of my pay just because like 20% of the population was offended by comments."

-- "What about the people who LOVE Castro and hate Cuban-Americans? Aren't THEY entitled to representation?"

-- "It is not like I said I love Hitler. I mean, I know how touchy the damn Jews are about that guy."

-- "Mussolini made the trains run on time. Hitler briefly revived the economy, and Castro lived a long time. All true statements. It isn't like I said that blacks are inferior to whites or anything like that. But I will if it will get me even one more hour of publicity."

Sportwriters everywhere jumped to Ozzie's defense, claiming his 1st Amendment rights protected him from any punishment whatsoever.

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