Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Charlotte Bobcats -- Worst Team of All-Time?

There is no doubt that they were the worst in winning percentage (.106) and total wins (only 7), but you have to be a bit concerned when they didn't get a chance to run out the whole string and possibly win two or three meaningless games at the end of the year to avoid infamy (generally, team trying to avoid the 9-73 mark have won a few games at year end).

Let's look a little more closely.  Subjectively speaking, the worst team I ever saw was the 1992-93 Dallas Mavericks.  They ended 11-71 and won their final 2 games to get there.  Looking at their Game Log, they were also 7 and 59 after 66 games (having won game 66 to get that 7th win). 

The Mavs were last in the league in virtually every category, lost by an average of 15.2 points a game, and had Derek Harper, a rookie Jimmy Jackson (he sat half the year and shot 39%) and a bunch of guys on their way out of the league.

The Bobcats are last in the league in virtually every category except scoring defense (27th of 30) and they lost games by an average of 13.9 points.  They have no one on their roster who another team would want for a starter.  Their #2 guy for PER this year was Derrick Brown.  They have no one on their team who had a 15 PER (which is supposed to be league average). 

The edge at the top of the roster goes to the Mavs -- Harper and Jackson would be head and shoulders above the Bobcats' best guys (Gerald Henderson, Corey Maggette and Kemba Walker).  The edge at the bottom of the roster, amazingly, goes to the Bobcats.

Look at the Mavs' guys after their top 2 - most never played appreciable minutes before or after their stint with this awful team:
23 Steve Bardo G 6-5 190 April 5, 1968 1 University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
40 Walter Bond G 6-5 200 February 1, 1969 R University of Minnesota
30 Dexter Cambridge F 6-7 224 January 29, 1970 R University of Texas at Austin
44 Radisav Curcic C 6-10 275 September 26, 1965 R
43 Terry Davis F-C 6-9 225 June 17, 1967 3 Virginia Union University
35 Donald Hodge C 7-0 230 February 25, 1969 1 Temple University
41 Brian Howard F 6-6 204 October 19, 1967 1 North Carolina State University
13 Mike Iuzzolino G 5-10 175 January 22, 1968 1 Saint Francis University
23 Tim Legler G 6-4 200 December 26, 1966 2 La Salle University
20 Tracy Moore G-F 6-4 200 December 28, 1965 1 University of Tulsa
31 Walter Palmer C-F 7-1 215 October 23, 1968 1 Dartmouth College
45 Sean Rooks C 6-10 250 September 9, 1969 R University of Arizona
34 Doug Smith F 6-10 220 September 17, 1969 1 University of Missouri
10 Lamont Strothers G 6-4 190 May 10, 1968 1 Christopher Newport University
52 Randy White F 6-8 240 November 4, 1967 3 Louisiana Tech University
20 Morlon Wiley G 6-4 185 September 24, 1966 4 California State University, Long Beach

The final analysis -- the Bobcats were worse.  When you have two very good NBA starters like Dallas did and you are able to at least win 5 of your final 16, you are better than the Bobcats.....not by much, but by a little.


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I think I need some pics before I can vote on the above poll. Thank you!

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Crawford Palmer's brother.