Thursday, May 31, 2012

Good Chris Bosh Story

The hardest thing for Bosh has to be that the Heat have come to within 2 games of the Finals by replacing him one.

This isn't a situation where the Heat had, say, a first round pick on the bench who had been getting 8 minutes a game but who flourished when given 40.  Bosh in the playoff played 6 games, had a PER of 20, Offensive Rating of 115 and Defensive rating of 100.  Those are all excellent stats.

Yet when Bosh leaves with injury, his 34 minutes are given to a hodge podge of basically "anyone who can stay on the court and give us SOMETHING."  And the Heat......still win.

Some analogies:  Your wife tells you she is leaving you.  You say, "Oh, she found someone else."  Nope.  She is just leaving you.  She lives alone by herself occasionally interacting with friends and random people she meets.  Her quality of life changes not at all and appears to possibly have improved.

Or you play left field and bat 6th for your baseball turn your ankle and are out for 7 games.  The coach says, "OK, well, anyone ever play left field?"  Coach, I am hurt, you are really going to suffer.  "Nah.  The utility guys can play left and we will just have the center fielder play toward the gap and the shortstop play deep.  We may even have the shortstop try to play some left field."  They win 6 of 7 games.

The article mentions that with Wade hurt the Heat won 12 of 13.  Well, with Bosh hurt the Heat have won one playoff series and are up 2-0 in the second.  The fact of the matter is that you don't need 3 offensive-minded max salary players on a team.  Two will do just fine, especially if one is LeBron James.   The sad thing for Chris Bosh is that he just happens to be the one whose absence has occurred while 10 million people a game are watching.

Silver lining - If the Heat advance and play San Antonio, the Spurs's biggest defensive deficiency is they lack good power forward play.  That may be Bosh's time to shine. 

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