Tuesday, May 08, 2012

John Travolta - Makes Gay Advances on Male Masseuse


Best lines:  "Hey Dude, I'll jack you off."  "Wirey and unkempt."  "8 inches long"

The worst thing he is alleged to have done - promising sex with a Hollywood starlet.......but only after gay sex with him "to make sure we are in synch sexually."  Oh lord....


Anonymous said...

Tell us HM, is "I think it moved" an affirmative defense here? PAR

HM said...

Perhaps Travolta will go with the "It wasn't unwelcomed touching" defense, but I doubt it.

There is no question that "it moved" per the Complaint. Even through the wirey and unkempt underbrush, it appears that it moved all of the way up to an 8 inch estimate!! Travolta, perhaps, will deny all other allegations and admit only that portion of the Complaint.