Sunday, May 20, 2012

LeBron Goes 40-18-9

Other similar playioff games:

Shaq - 44-20-5 in the finals against Philly 2001

Magic in 1980 game 6 -  42-15-7

Worthy 1988 - 36-16-10

Wade in 2006 - 42-13-2

Other similar regular season efforts:

David Lee 2010 -- 37-20-10

Kevin Garnett 2004 -- 35-18-9

Jordan and Shaq both had 60 point games with 18 or more rebounds.

Hakeem once went 46-19-8

Others since 1985-86 with at least 40 points, at least 18 rebounds and at least 9 assists in a game:

No one.


Al Swearengen said...

Lebron is awesome. He might be the difference-maker that allows the Heat to overcome the odds and win a playoff series over this historically great Pacers squad.

HM said...

Don't be a hater, Al. The guy is playing virtually with one teammate.

Al Swearengen said...

"One teammate?" Tell that to Danny Granger. James' one teammate, Dwayne Wade put up 30, better than the Pacers' #2 and #3 scorers combined, and Udonis Haslem put up 14.

If Haslem's a "nobody" in your book, what does that mean for Roy Hibbert and Paul George?

HM said...

I am glad to see you are watching playoff basketball.