Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Maxim's Top 10 Hottest Led By Bar Rafaeli

Bar Refaeli is hot – really hot!

The supermodel (and
Leonardo DiCaprio's ex-girlfriend) tops Maxim's Hot 100 list this year – and it's not hard to see why.

Capping off the top 10, which was voted on by readers for the first time ever: Olivia Munn;
Mila Kunis; Katy Perry; Olivia Wilde; Jennifer Lawrence; Emma Stone; Megan Fox; Malin Akerman; and Adrianna Palicki.
My thoughts:

10. Adrianna Palicki - doesn't stand out to me, but I can see the appeal.

9.  Malin Akerman - very pretty, not super hot.

8.  Megan Fox - sure

7.  Emma Stone - no, never.

6.  Jennifer Lawrence - great choice.

5.  Olivia Wilde - it would be hard to dispute

4.  Katy Perry - of course.

3.  Mila Kunis - no.

2. Olivia Munn - no.

1.  Bar - great choice.

verdict:  5 excellent picks, 1 I could be convinced on, 1 I think is just too high, 2 that I think they are wildly off, and 1 where I think they are crazy.

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