Thursday, May 10, 2012

Michele Bachmann -- Asks to No Longer be a Swiss Citizen. Birthers, Where Are Ye?

Hey, Michele - too late, baby.  According to the birther thread of argument that says that joint citizens are not, contitutionally-speaking, "U.S. citizens," you have already defrauded the voting public out of the money you received as a Congress member all these years.  Time to pay that back and give up your pension, health care, etc.

In addition, Bachmann had earlier conceded (i.e., in legal parlance, "admitted") that she automotically became a Swiss citizen WAY back in 1978.  I call upon the birthers to stand up for America.  Surely you do not want Barack Obama (joint citizen of Kenya, Thailand, Hawaii, Mars and supposedly the U.S.) to be able to simply "renounce" his joint citizenship of all of these lands and become eligible to be President!?!?!?

Does not the birther movement HAVE to file an action keeping Bachmann (34 year Swiss citizen) off the ballot??  If not, I would say they have conceded that Obama is a legit U.S. citizen.....

Birthers - it is up to you.  Make your choice!

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