Wednesday, May 23, 2012

NBA All-Defensive Teams

1st Team
LeBron James - Defensive Rating 97 (105 and under is good, 89 would be all-time great)
Serge Ibaka - 98
Dwight Howard - 96
Chris Paul - 104
Tony Allen - 100

2nd Team
Rajon Rondo - 99
Kobe Bryant - 106
Tyson Chandler - 99
Luol Deng - 100
Kevin Garnett - 94

Kobe is simply NOT an all-NBA defender anymore, but that apparently does not matter.  His defensive rating is 34th amongst NBA guards and guard-forwards.

Paul and Rondo should switch places.  Garnett and Ibaka should also.

Deng is 4th on his team in defensive rating

Howard is (correctly) first team while Tyson Chandler (named Defensive Player of the Year by the writers) is dropped to second team

One guy left completely out - Josh Smith (96 defensive rating, #1 in league in defensive win shares).  I guess everyone just hates Josh Smith.

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