Thursday, May 24, 2012

Phil Phillips Wins American Idol - Oh My Lord

I cannot express my distaste enough, other than to repeat the analysis of

The guy who chewed gum on stage. The guy who gave Ryan Seacrest bunny ears every chance he got. The guy who didn't care about the songs he picked. The guy who didn't listen to Tommy Hilfiger. The guy who sang the same way every single week. The guy who multiple times on stage said that he couldn't sing as well as everyone else. He is our American Idol. Yes, he is. And we helped him achieve that goal. The cherry on the cake is that he's going to miss a lot of the tour due to his health problems - the winner of season 11 won't even be on most of the tour! The tour's booking manager must be furious.

Also mentioned, the fact that Phillips just decided mid-song not to sing anymore and walked off the stage to hug his parents.

With the exception of a playful male candidate who tried to briefly hug him, all 10 other Idol finalists stayed far away from Phillips, made no effort to embrace him and he in no way sought their love or approval.

If Idol cannot do something about its southern tennybopper fan face voting for bland white males with guitars (Kris Allen, Lee DeWyze, Phillips) then it is simply going to have to give the judges a real say in who stays and who goes.  Perhaps 50% fan vote and 50% judge vote.  The judge vote would, of course, have to occur after the fan vote was in - but Phillips from a musical standpoint and a performer standpoint is the worst contestant ever to win Idol.   The show is on its last legs and desperately needs to do something to regain credibility.

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Anonymous said...

This whole post is ridiculous. This guy was a better musician the all the other contestants, he walked off stage to hug his parents, and you make that out to be a bad thing?! Also, so what he can't tour...the guy is sick, would you Tour pissing out kidney stones, I doubt it. People like you disgust me...pass judgement about people doing something, as you sit behind a computer and criticize. Very classy!