Friday, May 04, 2012

Ryan Anderson - "Most Improved"? Tyson Chandler - Defensive Player of the Year? Pause - Not!

I don't really understand the Tyson Chandler win in defensive player of the year either.  Look at the league leaders:

Chandler was not top 10 in Defensive rating, blocked shots, defensive rebound percentage, defensive win shares or any other category that would pruport to show that he was the best defensive player in the league.  Who was?  maybe Kevin Garnett (#1 in Defensive rating); Maybe LeBron James (top 10 in defensive rating, #2 in defensive win shares), maybe Josh Smith (#1 in defensive win shares, top 5 in defensive rating), maybe Serge Ibaka (#1 in blocks).

But there is NOTHING in the actual stats of the 66 games played to indicate that Tyson Chandler was the best or most dominant defensive player in the game.  In fact, his best stat was OFFENSIVE rating where he was #1 in the entire league!!

I agree with the Greg Popovich Coach of the Year win, but otherwise, it has been a rough year for NBA awards.

What's next?
MVP -- maybe Kevin Love?

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