Thursday, July 12, 2012

1992 Dream Team Would Sweep 2012 Olympic Team

Guys on 1992 Dream Team who ended up as 10 times all-NBA (1st, 2nd or 3rd team):
Robinson, Bird, Jordan, Malone, Stockton, Barkley, Magic. (8 guys)

Guys on 2012 Team who have done it already:  Kobe
Guys With a decent shot:  LeBron, Durant, Paul.  Total (4 guys)

So, the 1992 Team overall had much, much better players, based solely upon evaluation of the guys by writers at the time they were playing.

Players Ranked 1 to 24 in a draft in their prime:

1) Jordan
2) Magic
3) LeBron
4) Kobe
5) Bird
6) Barkley
6A) Malone
8) David Robinson
9) Ewing
10) Durant
11) Stockton
12) Chris Paul
13) Clyde Drexler
14) Pippen
15) Carmelo
16) Mullin
17 - 23) Griffin, Westbrook, Williams, Love, Iguodala, Chandler, Harden (no particular order, they are all 2012 guys)
24) Laettner

Dream Team has:  top 2, 7 of the top 9, 11 of the top 16.

In the top 16 guys, the 2012 team has only LBJ, The Devil, Durant, Paul and Melo.

The 2012 team has basically no size.  Kevin Love is their backup center!!

I do not believe that any of the bottom 7 for 2012 have ever been First team all-NBA....

My predicted Average Score of a game between these two teams in a 40 minute game - 92 to 74.

If they played 10 times, the 1992 team would win 9.  In a 7 game series it would go either 4-0 or 4-1.


Ewing over Chandler (+8 per 40 minutes)
Malone Worse than LeBron (-12)
Barkley over Melo (+6)
Jordan over Kobe (+4)
Magic over Paul (+1)

Bench - 1992 +11

For those of you who think the 2012 team would stand any decent chance, let's try to have a reality check here.  In 1992, only foreigner Hakeem, young Shaq and hated Isiah could be said to be guys who might have been on the team and who were left off.

In 2012, we KNOW that there are a ton of guys more highly thought of than the guys we have on the team - they have all been injured or begged off:  Wade, Bosh, Rose, Dwight Howard.
So, people who say that the 2012 team would win 47% of the time against 1992 are INSANE.  What you are saying is that a team that featured an in his prime Michael Jordan, and in their primes Charles Barkley, David Robinson, Karl Malone, John Stockton, Clyde Drexler and Patrick Ewing would lose approximately HALF the time to an all-NBA team who are lacking 4 out of their best 12 guys!?!?

Come on.


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