Monday, July 02, 2012

Danny Ferry and Former Duke Teammate Billy King Pull Off and Epic Joe Johnson Trade

Net GM Billy King and hawks GM Danny Ferry played together at Duke back in 1987 and 1988. They just pulled off one of the most amazing deals I have ever seen. OK - a guy has a 4 year and $90MM obligation that you think no one would ever, ever, let you get rid of. PLUS he is not even a top 15 player in the league anymore. He generally squeaks onto the All-Star team, so he is top 20-30 in the league. The Hawks are so completely fucked by Joe Johnson's contract that they had 6 guys total under contract for 2012-13 and they were OVER THE SALARY CAP WITH JUST THOSE SIX GUYS!!!!!!!!!!! Projected cap - $58MM, Hawks salaries $60MM. Along comes Ferry's former teammate Billy King. How does this conversation go? Ferry: "Billy, remember that time you held David Rivers to single digits?" King: Yep. Ferry: "Remember that time you held Mugsy Bogues to 0 points?" King: Yep. Great times. Ferry: "You have the chance to get Olympian and multiple time NBA all-star Joe Johnson for basically nothing." King: Doesn't he have a big con- Ferry: "Billy, are we gonna talk mundane salary details or are we gonna relive your glory days by making a deal?" King: Shit, Danny, I don't have anything good to deal you except maybe Marshon Brooks and Gerald Green. Ferry: "Tell you what, I will take NONE of your good players - I just need warm bodies; I got 6 guys under contract." King: Um, OK, but Joe plys like 40 minutes a night, shouldn't I give you one of my two good guards who play his position?!?!? Ferry: "No. I do not want ANY true value in return. Just give me your 5 worst guys with the least upside potential." King: Um, DeShawn Stevenson was one of the 10 worst players in the league last year. Ferry: "Sign him and trade him to us! We will pay him $3MM for a year, what the hell?" Result - Hawks unload Johnson's ENORMOUS contract when no one felt that was remotely possible. Nets will have two max salary guys in Deron Williams and Joe Johnson. Hawks will have the absolute dregs of the Nets, and Brooks and Green will be wondering how much clock they will get behind Joe - who is a huge minutes guy and who is just not very effective in short minutes.

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