Monday, July 30, 2012

Global Climate Change Denier - Yeah, So, Nevermind, We ARE causing Global Warming


What is the most humorous about this piece is the complete lack of any "mea culpa."  This is a situation where this scientist said, "Oh come on.  All of this global warming stuff is bullshit." and became the face of the global warming denier movement.  He then turns around and say, "Ya know, I looked at it myself, and yeah - 100% true."

This would be akin to an NBA GM reading an NBA draft evaluation of a guy who was projected as a #1 pick and saying, "There is no possible way that this guy is any good - it makes no sense."  Then the day after his team fails to draft the guy saying, "You know what?  I looked at this stuff myself and damn, the guy is really, really good."

No admission that the other people were right; no statement that "you know, I probably caused the team a shitload of harm" - nope, just a matter of fact admission that you were wrong BECAUSE, before when you sad it was all b.s, YOU NEVER LOOKED AT THE ISSUE!!!

As a local weatherman stated - this has been accepted science for 30 years - glad that it has been confirmed this week.

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