Monday, July 16, 2012

Nicolas Batum v. Josh Childress -- Uh, Oh!!

Josh Childress was just amnestied by Phoenix - thus, they made the decision that he was not worth $6-7MM a year.

Nic Batum just received a 4 year anad $46MM offer sheet from Minnesota.

Josh Childress age 23 stats:  13points/6.2rebounds/2.3assists/1.8(steals plus blocks)

Nicolas Batum age 23 stats:  13.9/4.6/1.4/2.0

Win Shares per 48 -- Childress .130; Batum .127

Yikes.  The Wolves have already used their one amnesty slot on Darko, so if Batum becomes Childress-like, they will not have the same option the Suns just used.

Scary.  The people who like Batum could point to similarities with Shawn Marion (who has been better than Childress and who has a title), but I don't see batum rebounding at a 10+ a game pace as marion once did.

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