Friday, August 31, 2012

Gophers v. UNLV - All of My Tweets From Last Night/This Morning, In Reverse Order

5hHoops Maven‏@HoopsMavenHM @Skorzo60 both TDs were in OT sessions. He was terrible. 5hHoops Maven‏@HoopsMavenHM Gophers win!!!! Can we play UNLV every year for a trophy? The golden bucket of shit? The stripper pole? The golden thong? 6hHoops Maven‏@HoopsMavenHM Gopher DB allows himself to be pushed down. 6hHoops Maven‏@HoopsMavenHM Same pass that Gray missed him on in the first quarter. 6hHoops Maven‏@HoopsMavenHM If UNLV wins it will be behind a QB whose QB rating cannot be 40. If the Gophs win it will be behind a QB who has missed 5 or 6 TD passes hHoops Maven‏@HoopsMavenHM *beat. 6hHoops Maven‏@HoopsMavenHM I know nothing about Northern Arizona, but I have 1,000 dollars on them to bet UNLV 6hHoops Maven‏@HoopsMavenHM Announcers don't know the rules. Muffed punt into the end zone is touchback in college football. ops Maven‏@HoopsMavenHM @Skorzo60 would either team score the first OT? 6hHoops Maven‏@HoopsMavenHM @Skorzo60 I could not have thrown that one. But I could have led Barker inside for the TD. 6hHoops Maven‏@HoopsMavenHM 2 straight guys open for TDs. 7hHoops Maven‏@HoopsMavenHM Honest to God - Gopher punters cannot punt the ball over 30 yards. Surely there is a backup QB or wide receiver who can punt??? 7hHoops Maven‏@HoopsMavenHM Uh, KJ. If you down it this year you get it at the 25. Ok - I volunteer to spend 18 minutes a week as special teams coach. 7hHoops Maven‏@HoopsMavenHM if u r Jerry Kill don't you have to be saying that with adequate QB and just OK special teams we are up 27-0?? 7hHoops Maven‏@HoopsMavenHM Oh lord. 7hScott Korzenowski‏@Skorzo60 That's three TDs Gray has missed. This is a horror show Retweeted by Hoops Maven ps Maven‏@HoopsMavenHM 3rd touchdown pass that I would have had as QB. I am 48 and 40 pounds overweight. I can hit guys who are running open by 5 or 10 yards 7hHoops Maven‏@HoopsMavenHM @Skorzo60 back to my comment about no special team coach. The guy is rolling the ball down the field. Absolutely no way to stop it? 7hHoops Maven‏@HoopsMavenHM A full ride scholarship is available to a good college to ANYONE who can consistently punt a ball. Really, Jerry Kill, u can't find a punter 7hHoops Maven‏@HoopsMavenHM Do the Gophers even have a special teams coach? Do they just send their players out and say "Well, do your best". ?!?!?! 7hHoops Maven‏@HoopsMavenHM @Skorzo60 Defensive backfield thus far has been adequate, not leaving guys 10 yards open. Gray is brutal. I would have thrown 2 TDs by now 8hHoops Maven‏@HoopsMavenHM Gophers and UNLV setting college football back 40 years. You have the ball with 38 seconds to go and keep throwing 3 yard passes. Wow. 8hHoops Maven‏@HoopsMavenHM Two runs directly into the back of the right guard and then a missed open receiver (again by 5 yards). That is Golden Gopher football. !! 9hHoops Maven‏@HoopsMavenHM Gophers were last in the nation in punting last year, or as our current punter calls that "the Glory Days". 9hHoops Maven‏@HoopsMavenHM Gophers offensive line unable to get any push against UNLV. Uh.....that is not a good sign. 9hHoops Maven‏@HoopsMavenHM @Skorzo60 you come out of a timeout with a play where the tight end is 5 yards open for a TD - misses it by 5 yards. hHoops Maven‏@HoopsMavenHM Gopher d line non-existent again. 9hHoops Maven‏@HoopsMavenHM Well - at least it wasn't a pick 6. Marqueis Gray as a QB?? Still awful. en‏@HoopsMavenHM Minnesota Golden Gophers - mental mistake on opening kickoff return. Grey start guys. #minn_unlv

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