Friday, August 10, 2012

Howard Trade

You should also make sure you go to the bottom to read the comments, as one guy points out that Harrington and Turkoglu have team buyout options.

Philly gets

Bynum and JRich


Iggy and Vucevic and Harkless

Grade:  Philly, if they can re-sign Bynum, gets an A.  They weren't going anywehere with Iggy, and they got a top 25 NBA player who is big and young for an aging star and a bunch of throw ins.

Denver Gets

for Picks, Al Harrington, and Aaron Afflalo

I am not really sure what the picks are, or how they are protected, but unless they are high unprotected #1s, Denver wins this trade.  Iggy is a top 30 player, and the guys they gave up are barely top 100.

Grade - A minus (Iggy isn't as great as he is looking at the Olympics, but they got an upgrade).

Lakers get:
Dwight Howard, Earl Clark, Chris Duhon


Bynum, I think that is it.

So, ya got a better player with a better upside to play on a better team. 

Grade:  B = since I do not know Howard's health situation, and the rumor is that he is unwilling to sign an extension as part of the trade.  But certainly worth a try, and they somehow kept Gasol.

Magic get:
Afflalo, Harrington, Vucevic, Moe Harkless, 3 #1s, and a 2nd rounder

Give up = Howard and JRich.

When you receive no one back in a trade who is as good as either guy you trade, that should be a huge red flag to you.  So, give me 3 guys ranked between 80-150 in the league, one unproven guy, and I would guess a bunch of protected #1s.  What would I honestly give you for that?  Probably like Nikola Pekovic.  There are teams (for example, the Lakers) who would not even WANT the 4 guys because they can get guys to come in off the street and play for them and better prices who are better (Nash, World Peace, Jamison).

Orlando Grade - F.  You traded a top 12 NBA player (some would argue as high as top 5) and you recieved basically everyone else's trash.  If they got unprotected #1s, I could up their grade to maybe D or D+.

(When the other three teams get A, A minus, and B, someone had to get taken - it was Orlando).


K said...

How the hell did the Lakers get to keep Gasol!?

HM said...

They are Jedi - they just say, "You want us to keep Pau Gasol" and the other teams say, "We want you to keep Pau Gasol." It is remarkable.