Monday, August 13, 2012

My Summary of All Peter Kostis Interviews With Tiger Woods When He Loses

Peter Kostis - "You are so awesome, Tiger Woods, can I blow you?"

Tiger Woods - No.

PK -- "Well, OK then, I'm disappointed but.....Anyway, dude, how can it be that you are so effing great but then someone else wins?  WTF?"

Tiger - I was pretty effing great, wasn't I?  Circumstances outside my control.  Plus I let the other guy win.  That is a bad habit I have.  Too relaxed.

PK -- "Anything else, oh Great Calablasian overlord?"

Tiger - Yeah, I have been playing really, really good golf and I generally kick ass.

PK - "That you do, buddy.  Awesome, awesome play all week.  It is awful that they didn't give you the trophy.  I am still available for that thing I discussed earlier."

Tiger - Into girls still, Peter.  Still into girls.

PK - "Well, there you have it.  Tiger Woods, ladies and gentlemen!"

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